Thursday, April 22, 2010

The new blogger

I e-mailed my daughter "your mother is a blogger" amd I could hear her say, "Oh Jeez." But I was wrong - she has more class than that, in fact didn't discourage me at all. Still, I'm not giving her my blog name until I master this new phenomena. I want to design a colorful space with original designs, plaster it with photos of "landscape before drought", "Natalie with Russian bear", add music when I learn how to input it, that sort of thing.
I've given the blogsite to my grandchildren who think Granma is "cool" and warn me not to hit on advertising buttons or say anything I might later be ashamed of. But I'm already "akamai" (Hawaiian for smart), about that sort of thing. A few years ago I entered several surveys, seeking to win $500, etc. My e-mail (now obsolete) has since haunted me with over 800 messages and I hope to eventually overload the system at 1000 or so and pass it into the graveyard of broken dreams. Did anyone ever win one of those surveys?
I can get hooked on blogging, not the ones I write but the ones I find of other people. I love reading about 30 years olds who don't worry about arthritis and stiff knees. Who cares about the 7 year itch compared to being 80 and considering mortality?
No fear, I'll be here another twenty years.

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