Sunday, May 30, 2010

7 days to go

I'm clearing out books I've read or don't want to read (after a good start) and taking them to Kona Bay Books, undoubtedly the best used book store on our island (and I haven't seen his brother's store in Hilo) Buel's store has grown in just the past seven or so years from a small rented section of a building in downtown Kona to his own library-size building in our "Old Industrial Area" not far from town. I bought "Italy in Mind" here, a book of essays written over the past two hundred years on Venice, Rome, Naples, Sicily and other spots in Italy.

Now I'm returning it, with others purchased there or elsewhere, for a credit of 50% on original used store price. With that credit, I broused the History Section, and bought a book on the history of Croatia. From now until we leave, I'll make notes on its history for background when we tour Dubrovnik. I'm not good at remembering dates, but have already read that it has been 1000 years since Croatia was last an independent country, before being divide by Hungary and Venice. But I have to make those notes before swearing the truth of the above.
©Natalie Norman Baer 5/30/10

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  1. What an interesting shop, I could spend all day in there!