Friday, June 4, 2010

2 Days to go

All the heavy stuff is done, purchased or made and packed. Now the fine details - Buzz is confirming our plane reservations to Honolulu; I am checking all prescriptions but can't find the bottle in which I put the vitamins. Won't hurt to go a month without, I guesss. Also I collected quarters in change as I shopped the last days in order to use laundry facilities on the ship. Buzz said, "the purser can help you" but I prefer to go prepared.

Last minute shopping at Costco brought us treats for the rest of the week (doughnuts) and snacks to carry on the plane (Macadamia Roca) which is more than half eaten already. My carryall that I use instead of a purse is full (and heavy) with two books to read on the plane, a notebook to write in, snacks, crossword puzzle book with pencils and extra pair of glasses.

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  1. Hope you have a wonderful trip!
    Can't wait for all the stories when you get back.

    You asked about our propane tank. One is for the hot water heater and the other is for a gas fireplace. We have very old wiring in our house (probably early 1900's) and when we had an electric water heater, it was frequently blowing fuses. When we needed a new one we decided on propane to ease the burden on the wiring system.