Tuesday, May 25, 2010

12 days to go

That's the stole and the evening gown I will be wearing at a formal dinner in a little over two weeks as we cruise the Atlantic on the Queen Mary2. This is Buzz trip - the one we've saved for two years.

That's my lunchtime outfit

and here's the shoes to go with it (the heels are hidden under the shelf), along with my crossword puzzle book, daytime clothes, camera. Now all I need to do is get them into the suitcase:

It's just twelve days before we board the plane - have them weigh the luggage and hope its not over 50 pounds. I'm well prepared with my lists of things to buy, haircut to get, nails to be polished, you know what it is when you take a trip. But its also the time when my life falls apart, I lose the camera and then I find it, I forgot to fix supper because I'm busy with this blog. Buzz is left to get himself some scrambled eggs and I'll make myself a sandwich.
You would think that an accountant, a CPA even, would be so well organized that the preparaton of one year would go easily. It does, on paper, but its putting the written words into practice that breaks my soul. Have I bought the treats to eat on our 14 hour air flight to New York for boarding the ship? Got my credit card ready to buy bottled water when flying, or is it free? And our passports?
And how do I put a hold on messages?

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