Wednesday, May 26, 2010

11 Days to go

That isn't me but it is the new skirt and sweater set I've ordered with the gift certificate from my daughter for my upcoming birthday. It will be just the outfit to wear as Buzz and I sit around the piano tapping our feet and smiling at all the other passengers sitting with us on our cruise. I'm waiting for that phone call from Mel, the UPS man, to say he'll meet me at the top of the hill with the package from Travel Smith. Our friends say we live "in the jungle" but its really not that bad, just .9 mile down a two lane road to a gate, take a left turn and bump along the dirt path (usually rutted from feral pigs who love to toss up the soil and rocks.) Then another gate and into our part of the farm. It's still a dirt roadway but no pigs. Thank God we fenced them out several years ago after they destroyed my flower garden. You would be surprised what damage they can do in one night. Back to the UPS man - he knows me by now and the territory in which we live which does not accomadate the width of his truck.

Here's my last minute list to take to town tomorrow when I get my haircout (the part that's scribbled off.) The plumber came yesterday. Our indoor facility is working fine, thankyou, but we had to move a standpipe away from the fence we share with our neighbor. We had a survey a month ago and they gained a few feet, so it was move the pipe or go without water. The notes to the left of my reminder list have nothing to do with the trip, just times today when we used the generator that needs upgrading when we get home in July. The address is the new office for my doctor, the phone number, who knows.
©Natalie Norman Baer


  1. hehehe!
    Maybe you'll come back from vacation looking like that!

  2. i like your folksy writing style Natalie. I get to know what you're pondering. Gary