Thursday, May 27, 2010

10 days to go

Today is the day for my haircut. See the straggle over my ears? Buzz driving, stayed at his bowling league, I took over and in my day dreaming drive to the salon, missed my turn and ended on King Kam IV road. Oh well, I had plenty of time, turned around and headed back toward town, took another wrong turn, then another but saw my doctor's new office was straight ahead of where I had pulled in. Might as well take care of prescriptions - said hello, gave my request of a prescription for traveler's complaint, waited and was asked for my street address. As I've said before - we live a mile down the mountain from the mailbox (remember, turn right at the geraniums?) Job done, made it to my appointment with five minutes to spare.

We're done, with lovely Susie putting on the final touches. Tomorrow it's shopping for our final week of groceries, returning books. Time's a'wasting
©Natalie Norman Baer 5/27/10

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  1. Haircut looks great! Natalie, I've left something for you at my Blog on today's post. Please don't feel obligated to accept it :0) Have a great weekend XX